Finance Bootcamp

The Pitt Pennysavers offers a free 6 week class on personal finance, open to all students at the University of Pittsburgh. Students who complete the course will gain an understanding of all the financial issues they will encounter as adults, based on the topics listed below, and will also recieve a certificate of completion.


Budgets                                                                                                                      Week 1

What is a budget?





What are the steps for creating and using a budget?


Bank Accounts                                                                                                           Week 2

Why have a bank account?

Checking, Savings, and Other types of accounts

What you should know about your bank?

Speaker Summary and Speaker Notes


Taxes                                                                                                                           Week 3

What are taxes and who has to pay them?

Local, State, & Federal
Income and Tax Deductions
Tax Software


Financial Aid                                                                                                              Week 4

Grants vs Scholarships

Speaker Summary and Speaker Notes


Student Loans                                                                                                           Week 5

Principal and Interest
Federal vs Private


Credit and Your Identity                                                                                           Week 6

Credit Score and Credit Reports
Credit Karma
Uses of Credit